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“I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a politician. I’m a common man who loves Idaho and wants to protect your freedom and liberties!” — Dale Hawkins

About Dale

I am a Conservative Christian, husband and father of six, my wife and I In 1996 we began looking for a community more in line with our desires for our growing family, homeschooling laws, political views, and quieter, more peaceful lifestyle. We settled in Fernwood Idaho in April of 1998 With our five kids and one on the way we settled into our new Idaho life.

If elected, my goals would be to stand up for our republican form of government, push back at expanding budgets, reduce bureaucracies, end unnecessary regulation, stop the perversion of our education system, help untangle us from the federal bribes, reduce the burden of taxation on Idaho residents including property tax and sales tax on food and more.

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  • Property Tax Relief
  • Parental Rights
  • Quality Education
  • Personal Property Rights
  • 1st Amendment Rights
  • 2nd Amendment Rights

Proper Governance

Limited Government · Individual Liberty · Free Enterprise · Traditional Values

In our republican form of government, it remains the duty of government to protect individual liberties. Government must operate within the bounds created by the governing documents at every level. From the simplest water district, all the way up to the governor of the state and the federal offices, each area of governance is limited to the boundaries given to it by law and these boundaries should never be crossed nor should they ever be consolidated to a centralized power. Governance should never be treated like we treat businesses. We should never have the desire to grow and expand it. We should be looking for the least intrusive manner to operate at the smallest costs and not to burden or intrude on those it serves. Governance should remain forever watchful against overreaching intrusion or unnecessary expansion, ever mindful of the individual liberties it was created to protect.


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